Weekend Highlights

I traded drinking for photography Friday night at the Mocador with Amos.
Don’t worry, I threw back a few afterward and stayed up way past my bedtime.

Visited the church basement sale and came out with many goodies including this 5 dollar vintage wig, felt hat and another vintage Gucci purse.

Took advantage of the {finally} hot weather and went rollerblading followed by a dip in the river for Hurley.

I Joined team red. Still undecided if I like it better than blond. Luckily I now have a wig for the days I’m missing it.

I also spent every free moment watching a live stream of¬†Foundations of a Working Photographer with Zack Arias on CreativeLIVE. (Thank you Didier!) This week I start a new class Tuesday nights (in addition to the Thursday one I take now) so it’s gonna be a busy month of May! I hope you’re all ready for Monday… I know I’m not.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. Look at you and your red hair. I can’t wait to see a real photo with the hair and your face!! I like it! Also, I can’t wait to see more photos from your friday night concert photography!! Hope you got some good shots.

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