April 2011 – Please Rewind

Can you believe we’re already in May? The year is 1/3 over! Here’s what I was up to in April:

I started a 10 week intensive photography light & subject class. It’s kicking my butt – which is great because I’m lazy so knowing I have to show my project in front of a class of 20, I push myself to do a decent job. It’s the competitiveness in me, I need to stand out the class.

I soon realized I wanted needed a new lens. Luckily I have great friends and one of those great friends lent me a better lens till I can save up and buy my own. And then Last weekend when I decided to shoot some photos of Amos (check him out, he’s awesome) playing a show in a dark bar – I knew who to go to for some help. That friend saved the day [again] by lending me some flashes to experiment with – I felt pretty legit regardless of the fact that I was completely improvising.

Easter finally decided to show it’s face which meant my love affair with chocolate was back on in full force. We were reunited and it felt so good.

I got in a few more snowboarding weekends at the beginning of the month but sadly those days have come to an end. It is probably for the best since spending the weekend snowboarding and partying was not helping the school projects and dirty dishes piling up.

I have a feeling May is going to be a good – though exhausting – month. How is this monthly wrap-up? It’s a good way for me to go back and evaluate my month and if you are a lazy blog reader, all you have to do is read these guys once a month to keep up with me! Win-Win!


One thought on “April 2011 – Please Rewind

  1. EMILY. Tell me all about it! I’m not being cute/sarcastic, I seriously want to hear everything about your photo class AND how things went with the flashes. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but then it costs money and I already don’t really know how to use my camera… What lens did you borrow/wanna get?? Okay I’ll go click on your links now, maybe they’ll answer some of my prying photog questions..

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