Weekend Highlights | Mother’s Day

After all the bitching we did about the rain this week, Mother Nature finally got the hint. Hallelujah! Sunshine! And I actually got outside quite a bit. I have the blisters to prove it. Saturday I helped my sister move, this puts her in debt to me which I plan on cashing in when I have to move.

On Sunday, my mom was in town and we all went to Beaver lake on the mountain for a mother’s day picnic. We bought bread and cheese and grapes (and of course wine) and put our sweaters back on every time the clouds passed in front of the sun. The “lake” is on one side of Mount Royal which is only a few minutes from downtown.  It’s funny that in the 10-ish years I’ve lived in and around this city, I had never been to this particular part of the mountain. I feel like I’ll be spending many summer weekends here with my camera around my neck. And I’ll probably be sneaky and take pictures of people without their knowledge. See below  for evidence.

This couple was so cute (and overdressed?) I had to take a picture. I could have sworn they had just come from the royal wedding. Look at them, even their walk is in sync.

It was a good but non-stop weekend. If I wasn’t running around the city, I was sitting in front of the laptop editing and working on school projects. But that’s just your typical weekend in my life. I don’t seem to be able to slow down.


One thought on “Weekend Highlights | Mother’s Day

  1. I don’t go up there enough either – and it’s gorgeous!
    I always tend to stay on the south-east side of the mountain, I guess because it’s closer to my apartment. But you’ve inspired me!

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