What I Wore | There’s a horse up in here

Dress – Old Navy (from a few years back)
Belt – thrifted vintage
Tights – Roots
Boots – thrifted (in Reno)
Hat – AA
Bag – thrifted vintage Gucci.

My name is Emily and I hoard vintage. There I said it. It’s really so hard for me to put stuff in the shop!! And even when I decide to let a piece go, I can’t find the time to photograph, edit, measure, price, describe, list. I do plan on doing a massive shop update in June once school is over. I found the above vintage Gucci bag 2 weekends ago. I wouldn’t consider myself a brand whore but I will not hesitate to pick up a Gucci bag for 2$. I’m not into fake designer though. I’d much rather the quality of the real thing. I think it’s important to build up a wardrobe based on key quality pieces that will last me 50 years than pick up the latest trend at Forever 21 for $9.99. I can’t even shop in malls anymore, I see so much consumer waste. OK I don’t know how this post went from hoarding to look at my Gucci bag to talking about waste? This is how my brain works I guess.

So you know you’re in Canada when the police officers are on horseback. Didn’t you know the car hasn’t been invented here yet? This guy was pretty impressed with his own joke of stopping between my photographer sister and I. Look at that grin!I think I saw the horse roll its eyes. I think that means we’re soulmates because eye rolling really is my ‘raison d’être”. Sometimes I roll my eyes at myself. It’s true.


2 thoughts on “What I Wore | There’s a horse up in here

  1. I love how you effortlessly wear hats. I struggle with hats because of my short hair, but you prove it can be done…and done beautifully! Great dress; I bet it will look amazing with bare legs and a pair of sandals if that arctic tundra you call “home” ever thaws out! :)

    That bag is amazing! I’m with you when it comes to fake bags. No thanks. I’d much rather save and save and save until I can one day buy the real thing. My mom gave me a vintage Louis Vuitton bag that she picked up at a tag sale. And when I say “gave it to me”, I mean that I was rummaging around the attic, spied it, and then put it into my suitcase to take back to Portland. What’s the point here? If I come to Montreal, hide this bag!

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