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Remember my balcony?? This is where I used to take a lot of my outfit pictures last summer [It’s funny to look back at my long blonde hair from last June]. I wore this to work slightly differently, the top was not tied up but tucked in. Gotta keep it classy and hide my midsection when I’m working.

I saw a girl this morning with big blonde curly hair (very à la Blonde Bedhead) and she had skinny jeans and a leather jacket and boots and I said I want that. Ummm I didn’t want HER (I didn’t even see her face) I just wanted that hair. When I bleached my long hair last summer I didnt like it and it lost a lot of its soft curls so chopping it off was easier. So obviously to get her do, I’d have to wait years to grow it out, dye and then get a perm of sorts. So no thank you to all that dammage (and waiting). Anyway, I’m not sick of the short hair yet and I always have my wig if ever I need a change for day. I’m actually getting it cut again this month despite matt’s pleas to grow it  out.

Top – Gap sales rack years ago
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Shoes – Essentiel
Bag – Split


2 thoughts on “What I Wore | knotty

  1. holy shit. I just stumbled across your blog. and I’m OBSESSED. OBSESSED. clearly I need to spend less time commenting now and looking at more of your blog. you freakin’ rock, and this outift is something I aspire to. ow ow!

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