Taking a breather.

I’ve decided to put the blog on hold for a little while while I concentrate on school. I may change my mind by Monday but I’m hoping I’ll have some self control and put the blog world out of my mind for a few weeks. Blogging is taking up too much of my precious time (and sanity).

This weekend I plan to be a shut-in (it’s going to be raining anyway) and work on school projects and do some spring cleaning. So have a great weekend and (possibly) a great few weeks!



8 thoughts on “Taking a breather.

  1. sounds good. take it from me – it’s nice to occupy your brain with other things. ;)

    i owe you an email, sweet tits. coming up this weekend…


  2. I totally understand needing a break, Emily, but don’t leave for too long okay? I mean, you have to show me your new hair in a few weeks. You know that, right?

  3. Ya man. I totally understand. :) checking out your interview now. And dude, I would freaking LOVE it if we were neighbors and shit like that. I hope your move is going well, or will go well. And stuff. ;) hope your break gives you energy and clarity and stuff too.

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