you’re silly.

This site pokes fun at us style bloggers and is sometimes just plain mean.

HOWEVER, this is why I feel like style blogging is so silly sometimes. I love reading personal style blogs and being inspired but sometimes it just feels so… SILLY[for lack of a kinder word] to me.

You just can’t take yourself too seriously. Or else people make fun of you. Openly. On the internet. And now you know.


4 thoughts on “you’re silly.

  1. oh my gosh! this site is actually really hilarious and i’ve been reading it all morning! it is rather mean, but it does draw attention to certain things about blogging/bloggers that i notice but would never in a million years say. i’m glad i haven’t seen the site bullying any one of my bloggerfriends, or the fisticuffs would come out! :p

  2. holy shit…that is brilliant! i will add this link to my daily reads. it’ll be right up there with regretsy. hee hee…

    (i guess i’m part mean girl?)

    i hear you though…this is PRECISELY why i sometimes feel that posting photos of myself is narcisstic and silly.

    ah well…it is what it is, i suppose.

    miss you.

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