27 years ago today…

27 years ago today, my parents were blessed with an evil Satan spawn under the disguise of a beautiful blond, blue eyed baby girl. You’re welcome family, it was my pleasure to bring excessive sarcasm, crazy hairstyles, vegetarianism and body piercings to the family.

You can thank me with copious amounts of chocolate cake and wine.

Now who wants to come over and make me filthy martinis while I work on my school projects tonight?

[Wow do I sound like an alcoholic?]


6 thoughts on “27 years ago today…

  1. happy birthday toooooo yoooou
    happy birthday toooooooooo yoooooooou
    I get to bear hug you in person & paint the town ginger next weekennnnnnd
    happy birthday to you!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your blog! Get ready for another birthday weekend :) and boy oh boy that cake looks gooood. xx

  3. i’m such an asshole…i didn’t wish you a happy day!!!!

    i’m so sorry. :(

    happy birthday my sweet little canadian. i miss you.

    have fun with merl!

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