This birthday girl is pretty special. She flew all the way from Wiscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansin… with a connection in Chicago and a 2.5 hour bus ride from Burlington… to have a joint birthday celebration. I really hope I made her weekend special enough to make up for 2 full days of traveling.

Today is her birthday and I brought her out for breakfast but she has to spend the rest of the day on a bus or plain or sitting around in an airport. I hope she finds a cute British man to help her join the mile high club. [unless she’s already a member…] Because that would be an amazing birthday present.

Happy birthday Merl, this was the best birthday present EVA! Love you, my bodacious twin [I made a typo and had “twit”… I was tempted to not correct it]

Safe travels Merl, start saving for your next trip here!


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