Weekend Highlights – gémeaux

Look! A blog post! With pictures!

I am slowly getting back to real life now that school is done for a few months. [cue happy dance]

As I mentioned, Miss Merl came to visit me this past weekend. We spent lots of time walking around the city, eating and just talking. I loved having her for a roommate for a few days. [I kinda miss her white noise Ipad app too…]

We walked around downtown and the Plateau area where I brought her to my favorite vegan lunch spot Aux Vivres then we checked out a few vintage stores. We both got to experience our first ChuChai (vegetarian Thai) visit  and went out dancing afterwards. We then cured our hangovers with air conditioning and falafel sandwiches followed by a lazy day on the couch with the food network.

I brought her out for breakfast Monday morning before her bus to Burlington. I really wish she hadn’t had to spend her whole birthday travelling! Next year, I visit you for our birthdays Merl and you can cook for me… (ok I’ll cook for us)

I am so happy she came to Montreal  and I hope she will be back soon so I can show her everything else we didn’t have time to visit. She needs more practice for her french. So far she knows ‘bonjour’, ‘non merci’, ‘désolé’, ‘de rien’, ‘voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?’. You know, all the essentials.

I have a few more pictures I will spread out through a few posts to avoid any excessively photo heavy posts.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights – gémeaux

  1. Oh Emily, I really like your hair. Did you get it cut? It looks shorter. You really look great with short hair. Some people cut their hair and it doesn’t look that good, but not for you. I love it!

    The weekend you spent with Merl sounds so delightful. Especially your hangover cure. That is my type of remedy. I’m looking forward to more photos!

  2. I’m so jealous! I know I’ve been off the radar lately, I owe you a catch up email. I want to know what is new and wonderful (or not so) in your life!

  3. Jealous! I want vegan brunch with you and Merl…preferably something made with soyrizo! Awww, and it tugs at my heart to think of Merl on the bus to Burlington. I made that trek many times during my college years!

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