[Dress – Split | Scarf – thrifted | Sandals – Zara(old) | Bag – thrifted vintage]

According to my blog, it’s been a while since I got dressed. A whole freaking month in fact of walking around naked. That is if we go by the rule of ‘if it’s not on the internet, it never happened’. That’s how it works, right? You have to tweet it, facebook it, blog it. Since I got rid of facebook a few months ago, I think some people assume I just dissapeared off the face of the earth, spontaneous human combustion, perhaps? Either way, they all have hundreds of friends on facebook so I’m sure many of them still haven’t noticed I’m gone. I absolutely LOVE that I don’t have facebook – even though it is a great social media tool. Some days I want to just get rid of all my electronics and go live in a cabin in the woods like these guys. [minus the cabin fever and wolves]

p.s. Merl shot these photos last Saturday when she was visiting. Merci Merl!
p.p.s. For those who asked, I DID cut my hair!
p.p.p.s Changed my blog theme, comments are welcome!



  1. Why are you so pretty? And why does your hair always look perfect and adorable? And last question: when are you going to come visit me in SF? I mean, you missed out on Mexico; don’t make the same mistake with SF! :)

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