[Top – Macy’s | Skirt – thrifted vintage | Necklace – thrifted| Glasses – store in PEI]

It was my mama’s birthday dinner on Saturday and we enjoyed [way too much] food at a picnic in the park. I actually didn’t plan my outfit around the fact we would be beside water and sailboats [and the Loch Ness monster… I got a little carried away with my mad drawing skills – don’t let my high school art teacher see this!] My actual thought behind throwing this skirt on was 1-my family already knows I overdress and wear old ladie’s clothing and 2 -i’ll be sitting on the ground and this skirt is like a giant nautical picnic blanket. I was actually planning on selling this skirt… it’s a size 12, I didnt think it would fit me. Although now that I think about it, maybe it’s a kid’s size 12? Who puts their kid in a floor length pleated sailboat skirt though? Ok I probably would. No miniskirts for any daughter of mine. Full length pleated only! Bonus points if there are tigers and roman numerals.


2 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | COME SAIL AWAY

  1. I really like how simple this outfit is even though the pattern on the skirt is the opposite of simple ;) Those red toe-sies of yours are pretty cute too. Happy Belated Birthday to your mum!

    p.s. I knew the loch ness monster was real!

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