I was talking to Merl last Friday and told her it was a Quebec Holiday and then I had absolutely no idea what the holiday was for. And before you judge, my sister and mother had no idea either. Judge THEM, they are older. SO here is the origin according to Wikipedia:

The feast day of Saint John the Baptist or Midsummer was a very popular event in the Ancien régime of France, and it is still celebrated as a religious feast day in several countries, like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The tradition landed in Canada with the first French colonists. According to the Jesuit Relations, the first celebrations occurred on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River on the evening of June 23, 1636 with a bonfire and five cannon shots.

Oh did you fall asleep reading that too? There’s a bunch of patriotic stuff afterward that I don’t really care for but feel free to google it if you’re interested to know why we don’t have to work June 24th… What is important is that it’s a paid holiday [and that there are fireworks – see above]. And then we have ANOTHER paid holiday, Canada day. Unfortunately July 1st is also the day almost everyone in the province moves and that includes me this year… here’s hoping for none of the following: extreme heat, rain & truck problems.  


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