Happy Monday! I hope you all had weekends as full and exhausting as mine! That’s really what summer is for when you live in a place that has snow 6 months/year, right? It’s the time to pack every festival, party, concert, BBQ into a few months then hibernate all winter. After partying with good friends under the beer tent at the Highland Games on Friday, I took the train back home and it was so incredibly relaxing, I almost wanted it to be longer. I absolutely love taking the train, it’s less stressful than flying and it’s more convenient than a bus. I always feel like the train gives you a backstage view. I could only ever get that exact (last) photo from the train – unless I was hanging out in some farmer’s field… on stilts (or if I had Yen‘s amazing legs). And the train is just so much safer, less risk of getting shot for trespassing.

Plus, the train has free wifi, can’t say the same for the corn fields.

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