The Osheaga festival usually comes and goes before I even have time to think about buying a ticket.  It’s a 3 day festival with outdoor concerts going on all day. Last year I kicked myself repeatedly for missing amazing bands like Arcade Fire. [and then later when I started listening to the black keys, I kicked myself some more] So I swore this year, I would take advantage. And Sunday afternoon I did. I love my city.

When I found the vegetarian pulled pork sandwiches from a little food truck by these guys, I knew I had to have one. Montreal is a great place to live when you don’t eat meat because they cater to veggies so well but I was very disappointed with the options from all the other food stands until I found this one.

4 thoughts on “OSHEAGA 2011

  1. your pictures look great! and veggie pulled pork sounds just heavenly!

    you commented on my blog a while ago, offering some photoshop help. i couldn’t find your email address anywhere (hence the comment). i’d love to talk to you a bit to get some tips from you!


    thanks so much!

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