The other day the clouds were clouds on steroids and that called for a drive around Montreal to find a place to take pictures. [It sure is fun to hang out with photographers… who have cars] We ended up at a beach and even though it was the wrong side of the sky – the side where the clouds were not taking performance enhancers – I got to have a go at shooting HDR [not to mention kicking off my high heels and wading into the water]. Even though my camera is considered an “entry level DSLR” I have a lot of faith in it and it has been good to me this past year. I still want this guy [and a million other things] but since my search for a sugar daddy has been [mostly] fruitless, I can’t buy a $1,200 camera … yet.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have great weekends! My sister is moving to Australia next week so we are going to be celebrating finally getting rid of her and saying goodbye all weekend.


4 thoughts on “LIFE’S A BEACH

  1. Emily, this picture is goooooorgeous. Like, I want to frame it and hang it in my apartment gorgeous! I’m totally impressed. Hot and a good photog? Is there anything you can’t do?

  2. Photographer friends with cars are the new friends with benefits. I am impressed lady as you keep learning and pushing yourself.
    Gosh, that got sappy… Ok, just wanna say.. your comments on le blog are always tops. Entertainment value? 9.7 out of 10…yup.

  3. Man, I am way behind on blog reading. This is like an insanely old post in blog years but I had to comment to say LE WOW (assuming that’s how Montrealians…? express amazement) at this photo!! I am also sugar daddyless but totally saving up for a wide-angle lens, maaaaybe with a zoom. It’s become a need.

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