Dress – eBay (old) | Sunglasses – vintage thrifted | Bag – vintage thrifted | Bracelets – handmade

My sister is moving to Australia for a year as of tomorrow morning at 8am. Tonight will be the… 5th ‘goodbye Steph’ outting in 4 days. Would she leave already??? I kid. She’s alright. Friday night we went out for drinks. Saturday morning we had a family lunch. Saturday night we went out for (more) drinks and dancing. Sunday we had a family dinner. Tonight we have a sister dinner. And then it’s really real. She hops on a plane to the other end of the world. Hopefully I can convince her to start a blog and join twitter.

In other news, my parents have inherited her little shit rat pictured above. She’s a spoiled little princess who never shuts up but she makes a good photo prop. It’s good practice for when I have babies and use them in my outfit pictures to increase traffic on the blog and then bribe everyone to vote for me as the universe’s top mommy blog. That first picture actually looks like a mommy fashion blog picture. The caption should say: hunny can you please pick up the baby and put her back in my arms so I don’t ruin this awesome pose?



  1. I love you. I really really really really really do. There’s no one else I’d rather consider my mental, anxiety ridden, over analyzing, fan fucking tabulous twin.

  2. the last paragraph is hilarious because i know what you’re saying and i think we had a similar convo in feb. so, i have to laugh.
    then again, now i’m slightly nervous to take a photo with zoey…is aunt emily going to make fun of us? probably only if i sit her down on the sidewalk while i twirl and make duck faces at the camera…am i right? nothing like documenting child neglect via the internet.
    i do really like this dress on you…and how exciting for your sis!
    ps. vote for me on top mommy blogs. (i keed.)

  3. Ha, that comment about mom blogs and dogs is so spot on. Now all you need are hipster glasses and some Saltwater sandals. Also, thanks for introducing me to Dépanneur Le Pickup!

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