Happy Monday! [insert fake happy high five!]

This weekend I took it easy, I had ZERO plans [for once!] and got to catch up on some things I’ve been ignoring like cleaning and taking some product photography for the shop. I have about 12 new pieces of clothing [jackets, tops, skirts, dresses] photographed and they are slowly gonna make their way on to Etsy. I have some new plans for the shop, I’m actually closing up my current one and going to start a new one where I will hopefully be able to keep it consistent and update it more regularly. I have tons of stuff that has been adding up the last few months and I want to get them up into the shop and into some lucky person’s hands. Let’s please support the ‘Emily doesn’t want to be a hoarder anymore’ fund and buy all her stuff. I will keep you guys updated on the shop changes and when new items get listed.

As for the second picture, it was really one of those moments where you say ‘damn I wish I had my camera… oh wait I DO.’ And then proceed to look like a creepy pedophile taking pictures of kids in their bathing suits.

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