Sweater – MINKPINK | Jeans – Gap | T-shirt – Target  | Sunglasses/necklace – vintage thrifted

This sweater was purrrrrrrrrr-fect for spending Saturday at my parents place with their dogs and my furry love child Hurley.  I found it {the sweater} at a warehouse sale near my work last week. When I think warehouse sale I usually think dirt cheap … like I’ll bring 20$ and buy 20 things. This was not the case for this sale; apparently these were ‘expensive’ brands. Despite my frugal nature, I decided to check it out and walked out with this sweater from an Australian brand MINKPINK for 30$ and 2 scarves for 5$. It’s like I gave Australia my sister and in return it gave me {for 30$} this sweater. Steph wasn’t worth a FREE sweater I guess. Australia, I hope you are reading this sassy blog post.

I am so ready for cooler weather with this new addition to my life. Bring it on winter!

ok I’m bluffing, I am NOT ready.


3 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | BURY ME IN MOHAIR

  1. Oh, that sweater does look quite dreamy! I feel like it’s the kinda I’d want to curl up in and wear for days. Looks lovely with your hair color, and of course, I’m loving your stripes!

  2. DAMMIT. You look unbearably awesome in these pictures. Like, way too damn cool for me. Those shades! That sweater! The stripes! Your sassy McSasserson poses!

    Also, I wants me that sweater.

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