t-shirt – Target (8$) | Shorts – Mavi (25$) | Boots – thrifted (5$) | Bag – thirfted (2$)

I spent labour day weekend at my parents place and on Sunday I went to the annual country fair that I haven’t missed since I was a baby. I probably have 27 years of photographic proof somewhere… that would make a funny slideshow.

Although I couldn’t find my cowboy hat this year, I had to wear my boots. I’m not usually one to pair boots and short shorts unless it’s for a Halloween costume. HOWEVER… when I got up at 8am that day and walked out the door into the humidity, I realized that the skinny jeans I had packed were not an option. That left these short shorts. They’re high waist. That makes them appropriate. RIGHT?? [I know, after all the ‘no ass cheek hanging out’ preaching I do….]

And see pictures of the fair over here.

4 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | THE BOOTS

  1. Well now I don’t need anymore coffee since the expression on your face in that first photo finally woke me up. DANG. I swear I have never called anything fierce but I would make an exception for that face. And prolly your butt cheeks too but you didn’t really give me enough of a peek to work with there..

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