I think I’m addicted to making new blogs. That’s what happens when you have too many ideas and don’t know what to do with them all. If you have been a successful stalker of this blog, you will  know that I’ve started doing more and more photography. When I was meeting the guidance counselor in my last year of high school before applying to colleges, I was basically told “Hmmmm I’ve never seen this before… your answers are conflicting.” In other words, I wanted to be financially stable and I wanted to be an artist.

So in the end I decided that my ease with technology and my artistic nature would make me a good graphic designer. 9 years later I finally bought an SLR, 10 years later I got my first paid gig [a wedding in July – pics to come]. I’m enjoying the ride and we’ll see where it takes me.

So all my photography posts will be at the new blog, whether it be a job or just for fun. Expect lots of pictures of my dog though.

And I want your opinions puuuuuhlease. Is there a limit on how many blogs one person should have? (I feel like I could have 10) Do you think that it’s better to have one ‘lifestyle’ blog or different blogs for different aspects of your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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