T-Shirt – Target (8$)
Scarf – Swapped
Necklace – thrift store, vintage
Pants – Guess (15$)
Sunglasses – warehouse sale (5$)

Fall is coming despite my denial. (Look at all the leaves on the ground!!) I spent the weekend at my parents’ place hanging out with Hurley and the ‘rents. I made an amazing vegetarian lasagna from scratch which turned out to be pretty awesome if I may toot my own horn.

I found these pants and sunglasses at the warehouse sale where I found the sweater that  I Can’t Stop Wearing. The pants are Guess and the original tag said $108.00. I paid 15. Oh how I love cheap things. I love bragging about the deals I find. Some people stick their nose in the air as if they are superior because they paid full price… but honestly, I am much more proud of my 15$ pants.

p.s. how CUTE is this guy. I’ll never get over it, I’m like a mom who thinks her baby is the cutest baby in the whole wide world.


3 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | BLACK AND FURRY

  1. I’m so glad you found a sweater you can’t stop wearing… cause I still have your other super worn out sweater that you couldn’t stop wearing! miss you lady xx

  2. What a handsome boy!
    I think paying $15 is much more bragworthy than full price too…nothing better than scoring those “better” items at a fraction of their original cost!
    I haven’t thrifted since late winter/early spring…for some reason I go on hiatus all summer…but I have a serious itch to go.
    And seeing your bargains is just fueling the fire!!!

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