I like to think I have an eye for hidden treasures. There is nothing I like more than finding an amazing vintage item in a sea of …crap. On Saturday my mom and I went to the church basement sale [I don’t ever pass up an opportunity to go when I visit] and I came home with a few ‘new’ vintage hats, a maxi dress from Paris that definitely was from the 70s [found in the Halloween section!] and a denim jacket just because I’ve been wanting one lately and this one was only 3$. It is definitely good to go to a thrift store with an idea of what you want/need.

One of those hats is going into the shop when I get my act together and photograph some more items. And though I would love to keep that maxi dress, I’m pretty sure it would just sit in my closet unworn. We will see… [hoarder]

So Yen, to answer your question, here is what I thrifted this week.


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