Hat – thrifted vintage
Sweater – MINK PINK / Warehouse Sale (30$)
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Boots – Warehouse sale (5$)

This felt like a very Christina outfit. Right? Vintage hat, knit sweater… man I miss that girl! One bad thing about meeting new people from across the country is that you don’t see them very often.

My mom always told me [with an evil eye] that I had a head for hats. The old lady at the church basement sale told me the same thing on Saturday after she asked me to put on the green hat I bought. These people need to stop enabling me, my hat collection is getting out of hand in my tiny apartment!! That and my boot collection. Who can resist 5$ boots though? This is what happens when you work in an ugly industrial part of town… warehouse sales walking distance away. OK I’ll stop complaining about all the awesome deals I get.

3 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | AN OLD MAN’S HAT

  1. a) Your thrifting haul is impressive.
    b) eff the haul… those boots? $5! Are there any size 10s? They are zigzactly what I am looking for. High five to your general shopping skills!

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