View outside my window when I stumbled out of bed at 7am [days are getting shorter]

TGIF!! Time to celebrate the end of another work week and how better to do that than internet distractions? Here are a few links I’ve stumbled upon this week that I think are worth checking out!

  • If your house was burning, what would you take with you? See pictures of what others wouldn’t be able to leave behind on The Burning House.
  • You can’t help but love the cute illustrations, food photography and recipes on The Vegan Stoner blog. Chickpeas on pogo sticks!
  • If you follow the Sartorialist’s street style blog, I think this interview is an ‘interesting’ read. I’ll let you make your own decision on how he comes across. [the comments are also a good read]
  • I absolutely love this idea for a diy old-school book strap. [I’ve also always been interested in leather working… so many interests, so little time]
  • Did you know that this weekend is Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk? Find a photo walk near you. Unless I decide sleeping till noon is more important, I will be there with bells on. And by bells on I mean a grumpy face and XL coffee.

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY LINKSSSS

  1. I’m not working this Friday afternoon so I am just wasting my own precious time. I read the Scotty interview… hmmmm… one day I want to be successful and become an asshole.

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