This weekend was COLD, WET and COLD. I wanted to stay in sweatpants in my bed all weekend long. And that’s almost what I did. Like I mentioned Friday, I had signed up for the photo walk and was debating going. Luckily when I woke up around 8 am (ON. A. SATURDAY.) It wasn’t raining yet so after hitting snooze a few times, I crawled out of my warm comfy bed. After piling on layers and a quick stop at Tim Hortons, I started the long walk uphill to the mountain to meet up with other photography enthusiasts.  After a few hours of walking, taking pictures and even posing, I headed home to a very hot shower. After spending my morning photographing and freezing, I felt very entitled to spending the rest of the day weekend in my apartment in sweatpants cooking and cleaning.

More pictures on the photo blog.



  1. Sometimes I’m almost embarassed at how much time I spend in sweatpants. The minute I walk in the door of my apartment, I run for sweatpants and a hoodie. (Okay, I don’t really run. They’re usually in a ball on the floor from when I last wore them – don’t judge me!) There’s something mentally comforting about them, isn’t there?

    That picture is gorgeous!

  2. Ok, so as I write this I’m in my sweats and housecoat, so I hear ya sister!
    What a fantastic idea to go along on a photo walk! I would love to participate in one of those. Do you have to be an accomplished photographer or are novices welcome?

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