I could go on and on about Village des Valeurs (aka Value Village or Savers) and how they are ridiculously overpriced money grabbing whores.

Or you could just read THIS

I haven’t sworn them off (yet). I still hope to find those diamonds in the rough that didn’t get marked up to a price higher than their original price. Since there aren’t any stores walking distance from my apartment, I don’t go regularly but I had a few hours to kill in the area so I stopped by. In thrift stores, I usually just grab everything that looks promising then check the prices when I am trying them on to see if they look good enough to justify the price. At Village, I definitely have to put things back before even trying them on. It’s unfortunate, people donate these clothes to the store and they sell them at ridiculous prices.

Nonetheless, there were a few items I could not leave behind. (I did leave A LOT behind) I have a soft spot for blazers, (it helps if they look like a circus ringmaster jacket) stripes and SILK. So for 30$ I left with 3 things. Not much of a steal when you compare it to the old ladies at the church sale.

One thought on “CHEAP THRILLS

  1. It infuriates me when charity shops think they’ve “struck gold” with an item and overprice it.
    For instance, last week I was in a thrift store and stumbled upon a stunning jaquard sheath dress and jacket set that was awe inspiring.
    Upon close inspection the dress was riddles with those all too familiar orange stains and yet it was priced at $75.00!!!!
    Wha-wha-wha- WHAT!?!?!?

    Someone needs to give all these people a reality check!

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