1 – 80’s black & silver batwing, sparkle top/tunic S/M
2 – White frilly lacy maxi (wedding?) dress XS/S
3 – Vintage reversible plaid & camel cape M/L

I listed a few items in the shop last night. Not having internet at home definitely gets in the way of shop updates. On Sunday I photographed about 8 vintage hats that will go up into the shop next week. And I have PLENTY more! Boots, bags, dresses… My tiny 300 sq foot apartment is begging me to sell this stuff and make some room! So would ya do me a favor and help me make some room??? *nudge nudge* THANKS IN ADVANCE!

P.S. I have a Weekend Highlights post that I meant to put up today but left the photos at home…. So I will post about my weekend tomorrow.


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