Clock tower in the  old port | Quality family time | Tofurkey | Pumpkin Pie

I love holidays. Mostly it’s the long weekend that I love but food and then family come in close 2nd and 3rd. [I’m going to get disowned] We had an Indian summer weekend and the shorts that had been put away for the winter were pulled back out. NOT complaining.

I spent Saturday morning running around, getting ready for an engagement shoot that evening. It was the first shoot I did solo and with a couple I had never met before. I met up with them at the clock tower [which I didn’t even know existed] in the old port and we drove around occasionally breaking the law [speeding to catch the last rays of sun & a teeny bit of trespassing] They were a great couple to photograph, it was impossible to keep a straight face, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ll eventually put the photos up on the photo blog. I  have so much catching up to do! On Sunday, the fam got together for a huge meal and skyped my sister in Australia. Then I ate 2 pieces of pie AND a chocolate eclair and needed to be rolled home. Monday passed in a blur…  photographing items for the shop, cleaning and cooking. [I would be such a good housewife!] You know how it is, when you have to go to work the next day, time speeds up.

I hope everyone else had a weekend as fun and pie filled as mine.



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