Top – RW & co (gift)
Shorts – thrift store
Necklace – old UO
Boots – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Carpet Bag – thrift store (2$)
Hat & belt – old ??

Shorts in October?? Usually we deal with freak snowstorms in October, not heat waves. I’m good with either. I don’t discriminate, I love anything freaky. We all got together at my aunt’s for thanksgiving on Saturday and I got my sister to snap a few shots while we walked the dogs through the park.

I feel like I dressed to be camouflaged in the park with this outfit. Though I am pretty sure my pasty white skin would be a dead giveaway if I hid in a pile of leaves.

I use this purse all the time – I could probably climb inside it, it’s huge – but I never end up taking photos. I found it a few months ago and almost had a heart attack. I probably clutched it to me and shot dirty looks at anyone nearby while I tried to breathe normally. You know, just another day at the thrift store.

I am heading to my parents place for the weekend (which means I get to see THIS GUY!!!) Mother nature is making us pay for the beautiful weather last weekend and we’re in for several days of rain so I’ll probably be in sweats in front of the TV all weekend. If I do end up getting dressed, I promise I will take some pictures.


6 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | INDIAN SUMMER

  1. Hooray for a weekend with Hurley!!!
    Although since I have been home, my dogs are a little on my nerves…or maybe it’s just my PMS talking…ANYWAY, you seriously are adorable in your carpet bagging, menswear, shorts outfit….I seriously swoon!!!

    Happy snuggling!

  2. We got our beautiful indian summer in the past couple of weeks, but it’s back to chilly and windy now. Honestly, I kind of don’t mind. I love fall weather.

    I also love this outfit. That bag is phenomenal!

  3. you are so lucky I didn’t see this bag in June.. otherwise it would’ve ‘escaped’ to the states in my suitcase. I love this little school boy look on you.. only you can make androgyny sexy.

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