Sweater – MINKPINK/warehouse sale (30$)
Shirt – Maison Scotch/warehouse sale (10$)
Tank top – old
Leggings – American Apparel
Boots – Sorel / Thrift store (5$)
Sunglasses – thrift store (2$)
Earrings – F21 (shhhhhh don’t tell anyone)

I don’t need to remind everyone how much I love this sweater. It has made plenty of appearances on the blog. (including yesterday) When I bought it at a warehouse sale near my work, I tried my best not to go back every day (It was there a whole MONTH! Evil evil warehouse sale) But I caved and went on one of the last days. That actually worked out well because everything was even cheaper. I scored this long plaid shirt, the Guess pants & sunglasses from this post and a pair of shorts for a grand total of 40$. Sales make me so happy. You know what else makes me happy? These Sorel boots I found last year for 5$. And you know what else? These photos. Good job mama!

I love train tracks.


4 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE | BACK ON TRACK(S)

  1. You know what makes me happy? Getting to see your pretty face! (So, thank your mom for me, too!)

    This look is so perfect for fall – love, love, love it! And, I’ve already professed my love for that sweater in a comment on another post, but I love it. I would wear it all the time…like even to bed. It looks so comfy!

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