I’m starting to feel like a shopaholic with these weekly recaps of what I’ve been ‘thrifting’ (this isn’t an actual word). However I don’t consider it a problem when I’m spending less than 20$ a week on shopping.

Man, what to say about this haul! First off, the hat box/travel case. How sweet is that bad boy? With all the hats I have in the shop (and my own collection), I thought this would be perfect to keep them clean and out of the way. At 10$ I hesitated for about 30 seconds before I realized that I would be insane to leave without it.

Next, the Polaroid camera. Pour yourself a cup a tea and sit comfortably because this one involves a story and my stories always end up way longer than they need to be. About a year or so back, I found an old Polaroid camera at the salvation army on a 50% off sale and paid about 8$ for it. I found out about the Impossible Project and decided to buy some film for my new camera. I was somewhat disappointing in the photos but never knew if it was the film or the camera. I hardly used the camera because of the poor exposure on the photos. So when I found this camera in its original box that did not look more than a few years old (and only 3$) I bought it and tried it out with what was left of my film and I  was happy to find out this camera worked MUCH better. Which reminds me, I need to buy some more film. The end. I know, that was a terrible anticlimactic story.

And I didnt waste any time to use that leather clutch. See it in this outfit post.

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