1. St Andrew’s Ball 2. My favorite thing about weekends
3. Homemade minestrone soup 4. 10$ hot chocolate

I’ve decided I would be a good housewife. I clean up well for fancy events, I love to cook (vegetarian) and… well I guess that’s it really. What more can a husband want? (don’t go there)

On Friday, I got all gussied up after work and headed to the St Andrews Ball, a fancy shmancy Scottish ball. We drank, ate (no haggis for this girl) and danced till 3am. The party was still going on at that point but I needed my bed. After a day like that, I figured I had every right to spend the rest of the weekend cooped up in my apartment cooking. I made peanut butter granola bars, minestrone soup and I filled the freezer with burritos that I can bring to work and pop in the microwave.

Not too shabby.


3 thoughts on “WEEKEND

  1. If you’re willing to move to SF and fill my freezer with burritos (vegetarian ones, of course!), I will make you my wifey…just putting that out there.

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Any chance we’ll see a pic of you all gussied up? I miss your face.

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