Sisters. On my new Polaroid color film.

I haven’t done a Friday links post in a while, the weeks seem to fly right by. Here are a few links worth checking out! I hope you all have a great weekends filled with fabulous sparkly sequins, flashy feathers, leopard print, polka dots, inappropriate tutus and scarves wrapped around your heads.

  • An interesting read about how style bloggers make money, it may make you question their integrity. As always, make your own decisions on how you feel on this subject. Just sharing the facts.
  • Have you read the hunger games? It is an amazing series and they are coming out with a movie… check out the trailer. I am so excited. (Don’t watch if you plan on reading the books first)
  • Check out Barefoot and Vintage on Etsy, Paige is having a sale – 30% off your order with discount code BFV30SALE at checkout.

(P.S. the snow is back – but only on the blog!)

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