1. 3pm and the sun is setting (sigh) | 2. I like my martinis filthy with extra olives
3. Weekend must have – eggs.

  Is it just me or have the days just been flying by lately? Maybe it’s just because work has been extra busy but I feel like every time I blink it’s Monday again (terrible day to keep landing on). If I was still young enough that I got lots of presents for Christmas but didn’t have to buy any, I would be elated by the speeding up of time. Instead I keep reminding myself I need to start my holiday shopping. Until we get some snow on the ground, I say out of sight out of mind – Christmas is NOT in 20 days. (Cue hyperventilating)

I had a good weekend, lots of cleaning (it never ends; imagine when I have kids…) and a few martinis and tequila shots on Saturday night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I have a few items to put into the shop so expect an update this week and maybe a sale? Mayyyybe!

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