1. Coming soon to the shop | 2,3,4. Puces POP’s massive Holiday Craft & DIY Fair
5. Christmas present to myself | 6. Mercedes photo shoot.

This weekend was very productive. I spent Friday night on my bed watching 10 things I hate about you and editing some more photos for the shop. [yup I’m a party animal] And then I actually got out of bed at 9:30 Saturday morning to get an early start and check out the Puces POP Holiday Craft & DIY Fair. I needed a present for my sister but ended up with 2 early Christmas presents for myself too – including the necklace above – a vintage book with real paper in it! (what can I say? I’m just so easy to shop for!) I really love seeing local artists and fellow etsy sellers from Montreal & surrounding area. I feel that I can connect with them and get inspired by the things they create. Plus I love supporting local and handmade for the holidays. I picked up a lot of business cards and hope to stalk a few of them on twitter and etsy.

Sunday I got up even earlier and assisted a friend of mine who was shooting a Mercedes photo shoot for a hospital foundation. When I heard those engines purring – ok it was more like roar – I had a sudden urge to get my driver’s license. That only lasted 5 minutes.


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