Beret – thrifted
Leopard circle scarf – Roxy
Top – Teenflo
Skinny jeans – Gap (old)
Brown riding boots – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Bag – thrifted/Vintage

I wore this on Saturday for my sister’s birthday dinner. This is such a random outfit, I don’t even know how it came together. I seem to be at a loss when I am putting together an outfit that is not dressed up for work or dressed down for lounging. That’s kind of my life, if I’m not working, I’m at home in sweats (often working). I swear my jeans are all gathering dust in my closet. Who wants to wear jeans in winter? They’re just so stiff and cold. I’m like one of those women from What Not to Wear who keeps talking about how her polka dot pajama pants are just SO comfortable, how could she NOT wear them to the grocery store? I hear ya lady. Don’t listen to Clinton and Stacey, what do they know!

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