1. Last minute wrapping
2. Poutine craving
3. Ready in my onesie
4. Hot chocolate in the chalet
5 & 6. The mountain
7. The perfect couple
8. Christmas pancakes
9. White Christmas
10. My new headboard – made by papa
11 & 12. My christmas dinner – vegan stuffed squash
13. Hurley finally arrives!
14. Playing in the snow

What a nice LONG weekend. I am going back home today and back to work tomorrow (cue sad face).

We were a few less people at the Leclerc residence this Christmas but still a very successful holiday weekend (if you ask me). We skyped my sister in Australia – we made her stay up till midnight when we all opened our gifts and get up early to skype with us during dinner – and family in Ontario. I cooked a vegan stuffed butternut squash which was a hit even with the meat eaters (new tradition maybe?). I even got to spend Christmas eve on the mountain, snowboarding. We got plenty of snow over the past few days and I have been thoroughly enjoying it – mostly through the window in my pjs sipping tea.

I hope everyone else’s holiday was as enjoyable and fattening as mine!

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