T-shirt – Target
Skirt – Thrifted Vintage
Tights – old
Shoes – Thrifted (Zara)
Necklace – Craft Sale (Vintage)
Feather Earrings – Craft Sale

I love a good accessory and my overflowing jewelry boxes can confirm that for you. I have a very (VERY) soft spot for vintage. But accessories seem to have the most character when it comes to the pre-owned. (And are great for people who find wearing someone else’s clothes icky – that’s obviously not me tho) I found the vintage necklace and handmade earrings from this outfit at the Holiday Puces POP Craf & DIY Fair. The necklace is actually a little book with real paper pages in it. There is even some person’s address in Texas written on it from the previous owner.

I wore this about 2 weeks ago when I got my hair cut. I’m so late with these photos, the holidays are just so busy and I’m finally catching up.

And another reminder, the 15% off anything in the shop ends on Saturday so if you have been thinking about buying anything, now’s the time! Just click on the banner below and don’t forget to enter the coupon code:

2 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE

  1. I am IN LURVE with your hair! This is my favorite cut I’ve seen on you so far!

    I am also smitten with those earrings. In Mexico, everyone was rocking cool feather earrings. Sadly the holes in my lobes have all closed. I might need to pierce them again. You rock short hair with big earrings so well!

    Hope the holidays treated you well!

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