When I started this post, I felt like it was going to be a boring recap. But as I went through the last 12 months of blog posts, I realized that it’s been a pretty interesting year. I met some amazing people, got closer to some old friends and lost touch with several. I moved into a new apartment, living alone for the first time (and downtown Montreal nonetheless). I pushed myself to try new things, go to more concerts and events. See more of what Montreal has to offer – and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

So if you haven’t been following my blog very long – or if you want a refresher on what I’ve been up to this past year – make yourself a cup of earl grey tea, go pee then settle down for a read.

× I bleached my hair (again)
× I left facebook. (Cue sigh of relief) Yes, it’s been a whole year.
× We put on our snowsuits and headed to igloofest and then a late night stop for poutine.

× I started to take one photo a day for the month. (I never finished that challenge but it pushed me to take my camera out more)
× Paige planned a girls weekend in Tahoe and I flew across the country (leaving lots of snow for more snow) and met some amazing Bloggers (Paige, Christina, Merl, Amanda and Zoe) and we had an emotional bonding weekend. I hope we can do it again soon ladies.

× Santina and I had a pixie stripe-off.
× I gave up chocolate for 40 days for lent.
× I put on lots of green eyeshadow and got my green drink on for the  st patty’s day parade.

× I dyed my hair red – I can’t even keep up with my own hair color timeline.
Apparently April was not an eventful month.

× I slowed down on blogging and concentrated more on school, working on my photography projects.
× I made some zombies (and aced my classes).
× I turned 27.

× Someone super special came to visit me.
× We celebrated our birthdays with vegan food and dancing. I am so lucky to have such amazing faithful friends.

× On July 1st, I moved into my new 300 square foot apartment and then went to celebrate Canada day.
× I spent an amazing weekend with great friends and Hurley. It was the kind of weekend they make beer ads about.
× I met Jentine, a fellow Canadian blogger. I lent her my apartment since I was out of town while she and her husband visited friends in Montreal. Our time together was short but sweet. I am saving up my pennies to go visit her in DOWNTOWN Hamilton. Did you know they have an airport?
× I shot my first wedding (second shooter) and was ‘crap your pants’ nervous. Luckily I survived and did not crap my pants. The experience was so rewarding and I owe so much to my friend Didier for trusting me.

× I celebrated with the Scottish (and non-Scottish) at the Highland games.
× I FINALLY went to the osheaga music festival (and had some awesome veggie ‘pulled pork’).
× We sent my sister off to Australia for behavior rehabilitation. (kidding) And we said goodbye at the hotel.
× After over 2 years selling on etsy, I decided to revamp the shop and start over fresh and better.
× I shot TWO more weddings! (In ONE weekend)
× I got my first photography contract and shot my first engagement shoot.

× I bought the best sweater in the world.
× I put on my short shorts and cowboy boots and ate greasy deep fried food.
× I went to see Arcade Fire (finally) at a free outdoor show.

× I participated in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk – even though it was pouring rain – and met up with other photographers at mount royal.
× We had freakishly warm Canadian thanksgiving (I wore shorts!)  and I shot my 2nd  engagement shoot (photos of that shoot to come eventually).
× I saw Mumford and Sons in concert (they were as amazing as I had hoped).
× I went to visit friends in Ottawa for Halloween  and did another engagement shoot (photos coming soon too – jeez I’m behind!)

× I finally caved and bought an iPhone. I’ve been addicted to Instagram ever since.
× It finally snowed! (which didn’t last very long)
× I went to a Scottish Ball! And wore a gown and learned Scottish folk dancing. It was amazing, I wore leopard print.

× I started taking outfit photos indoors again – It’s just too cold out.
× I had an amazing Holiday weekend with the family.

And now I am ready for more amazing memories to happen in 2012. I’ve already booked my plain tickets to visit San Diego and LA in February. Maybe a visit to Chicago for some fellow Gemini’s birthday? Go thrift store shopping with a mermaid in downtown Hamilton?? Anything is possible!

And if you still have time to kill, check out last year’s 2010 wrap-up!

3 thoughts on “2011

  1. It’s been quite the year, friend! Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings…for all of us!

    Happy our stripe-off made it into your wrap-up! It was one of my favorite posts from my time in Mexico. :)

  2. i love this!!! wow, what a year…SO MUCH shit has happened. i’m looking forward to doing my own “recap post”…
    and look at us…meeting in person in 2011 and seeing each other AGAIN in a matter of weeks. can’t wait. this time, though…we’re taking photos. and i can drink!
    love you, lady.

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