Dress – Esprit / Thrifted
Faux fur capelet – Thrifted
Sequin belt – Thrifted
Purse – Thrifted
Shoes – Steve Madden via DSW
Pearl earrings – Gift

Despite a LOT of temptation to go buy a brand spanking new outfit for new years eve (I used to be THAT girl) I stayed strong and went shopping in my own closet instead. I did however buy new lipstick, does that count? I am very happy I didn’t buy anything new because I couldn’t be more pleased with this outfit. Everything but the shoes, nylons and earrings are second hand. And I owned them all before even planning this outfit. It’s amazing the things you can come up with by digging through your own closet.

And if you missed it last week, see my highlights of 2011 HERE. Here is hoping that 2012 is filled with as much sass & glam as this outfit!

4 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE

  1. meow kitty, meow. great lip color! i didn’t buy a new nye outfit either…the jammies i wore are ones i’ve owned for a couple years now. besides, i was in bed before 10. party. animal. rawr.
    ps. i’m saving my party clothes for your visit.

  2. Meow!!! Haha… I wrote that before I saw that Paige wrote it…
    You look shmoking and that lipstick is purrrfect.
    Oh man, this comment is all kinds of cliches (no accent for you) but I mean every word.

  3. You are so gorgeous! Are you tired of hearing that? ;)

    Way to shop your closet! I didn’t buy a new outfit for NYE, but then again, I spent the evening in the apartment with my boyfriend and kitties…wearing sweats. (Don’t judge me!)

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