Stripe Top – Thrifted
Black cigarette pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Nude pumps – Seychelles via DSW

When I find something that catches my eye in a thrift store, I automatically look at the tag. Is it my size? What is it made of? Where was it made? Does the tag look old or new? etc. If the tag says Forever 21, I throw it back on the rack. If it says siiiiiiiilk, I clutch it close and keep an eye on the women around me. I found this top at Value Village this fall and what first caught my eye were the stripes, then the bow and interesting neckline. And then to top it all off, the tag said 77% silk. DONE.

And these pants. I don’t have a story about how I found them in some thrift store and how they once belonged to Audrey Hepburn… More like I went to Zellers, found these in the Alfred Sung section, they were on sale for 17$, I tried them on, squealed a little and bought them.

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