I’ve often been told I was born in the wrong decade. I won’t argue, sometimes I wish I lived in a simpler time. You know, without all the racism, sexism and witch burning nonsense.

Letterpress was always something that intrigued me but I knew next to nothing about it. On Sunday I finally got to see the process from start to finish and I have to say I fell in love.

It was a nice change to create something without a computer. There was no “CTRL+Z” or copy paste. You had to really think about what you wanted to create before you even started. And you had to have patience, everything takes time. At the end of the day I started fantasizing about where I would put a letterpress in my 500 square foot apartment and calculating how much money was in my bank account. Sadly now would not be a good time for that dream. One day… for now let’s just add it to the (ever-growing) list.

And for anyone in the Montreal area interested in learning letterpress, check out Atelier Domino for workshop dates.


  1. The loss of arts like this saddens me. We just need more people like you wanting to keep it alive!
    While I appreciate technology, I too think I was born in the wrong era….

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