1. Orange polka dot nails
2. My love
3. Note from my mom (20% off at the liquor store)
4. The usual – Egg, cheese and tomato on an Abercorn Bakery croissant
5. Church sale loot
6. A ‘new’ pair of long johns (with trap door in back of course)
7. Some crazy patterns going into the shop
8. Bus ride home – back to the city living

Egg breakfasts, quality time with the mutt and cheap vintage shopping. Could a girl really ask for more in a weekend? Did I mention there was wine and pesto? Because there was.

5 thoughts on “WEEKEND IN PHOTOS

  1. Your nails look so amazing! Did you do them yourself? How did you make such perfect polka dots?

    Also, I love that note from your mom. It sounds like you two have a relationship similar to mine with my mom. ;)

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