Hello! While I am enjoying the warm weather in California this week, I asked some swell ladies to guest blog for me. You may remember this lady from this post when she visited last summer.


Hey! I’m Jentine from My Edit.

I usually try to avoid too many iphone selfies but sometimes when I pass a mirror, I can’t resist. For shame.

I’m posting for Emily while she is on vacation, which is fitting because I just got back from vacation myself. Technically, I planned on getting quite a bit of work done while I was away but it didn’t work exactly like that. I went to Holland for two weeks to meet my new nephew and to hang out with lots of fam damily and friends. I was just there in August for a wedding, but that time it was so hectic and busy that I may have had more fun this time around… So much fun that for the first week, I thought I might not return to Canada. By the second week I missed my husband, cats and my closet and I decided to come home. I came home with a slightly overweight suitcase and plenty of good memories… Some highlights…

Watching perfect beach sunsets… In the winter. In Holland. Considering it rains so much there all the time, this may have been a little miracle.

Biking everywhere on whatever bike I could borrow…

Hanging out with my new buddy…

Making bad decisions… WARNING: not to be combined with the previous activity.

[Emily here, I don’t think this is a bad decision at all]

Picking out our next real estate investment. No big deal.

You’re invited over for tea and stroop waffels anytime… Especially you, Emily… safe travels and next time you have vacation, come visit me!

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