Perfect weekends are few and far between – sadly – but this past weekend came pretty close to taking that title. Part one of my weekend included egg breakfast, great vintage finds at the church sale, snuggling up with Hurley all day watching movies and a bottle of 9$ wine. Part 2 included getting up early and heading to the mountain for a beautiful sunny day and trails covered in amazing white powder. Can’t forget the poutine for lunch and the guy who kept me company and constantly pushes me to be a better snowboarder – so I can keep up with him.
Yup, perfect. And I’m paying for it today with an aching body and a sun/wind burnt face after 7 hours of riding yesterday. Totally worth it.

I hope you all had amazing weekends as well. And to nerd it up, I’m going to quote Gandalf by saying “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” <- make the best of it, drink some wine, fall face first in 2 feet of fresh snow. (Though maybe not at the same time)

2 thoughts on “WEEKEND IN PHOTOS

  1. haha! i have an amazing vision of you falling face first in the snow. although, it includes you wearing a very puffy 80’s-style snowsuit. funny. i’m glad you had a good weekend!

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