(items with an asterisk are going into the shop)

Soon I will run out of room in my apartment. But until my family and friends plan a hoarding intervention, I’m just gonna ignore the elephant (or piles of stuff) in the room. Instead lets talk about that black vintage school bag. I may have screeched internally a little bit when I found it covered in dust. It’s in great condition and I’ve been using it for my commute to/from work this week. I am not letting this baby go. I have a (not so) secret love to backpacks and fanny packs, they are overflowing out of my closet.

I should do a regular “I hoard ____” post on the blog. Belts, scarves, boots, bags, sunglasses, cameras, books, … Ok I guess that settles it,  it needs to be done.

2 thoughts on “CHEAP THRILLS

  1. GASP! i waaaaaaaaant those oversized glasses. omg. please hold them or something. i’m having heart palpitations over here. {and i’m dramatic, apparently.} gooooood finds.

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