Red Jeans – thrifted (4$)
Sunglasses – thrifted vintage (1$)

Belt – thrifted (1$)
Bag – thrifted / vintage Coach (15$)
Navy Cardigan – gift / the Bay

Chambray Shirt – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Feather Earrings – craft sale (20$)
Boots – warehouse sale (5$)
Scarf – old

I forced myself out of my lazy weekend comfort zone and let a few other items from my closet get some fresh air. Despite all the goodies I keep finding at the thrift stores, I spend most weekends wearing an assortment of over-sized sweaters, leggings and boots. But winter is coming to an end (despite all the snow you see up there) and I am celebrating with some flashy colors. These pants would be good for walking in the woods so I don’t get shot by a hunter.

I picked up the jeans and the Coach bag when I was in Ventura with Paige back in February. That girl brought me to so many amazing thrift stores and they were all just a few blocks away from each other. We came back with BAGS of stuff, and of course laid it all out on the floor and admired our handy-work, gave ourselves some pats on the back, some jumping high-fives… you know, the usual post thrift celebration. These pants were 4$ guys, I didn’t even try them on. We almost got run over by a van in the parking lot after but it was totally worth it. And that coach bag? 15$! AND came with the original papers and care instructions in a little pouch)


2 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE

  1. how great that you and paige got to meet up! looks like you ladies did quite well in the thrifting department…that bag…and those pants….well, done!

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