Bomber Jacket – BB Dakota
Navy flared jeans – thrifted // Zara
Boots – warehouse sale
Vintage tooled leather bag – thrifted
Scarf – thrifted
Feather earrings – craft sale

After being lucky enough to have a sunny day on Friday to spend walking around, running into crazy dog ladies, and then shooting under the brooklyn bridge at night (gorgeous by the way) mother nature said ‘enough of that!’ and decided to throw some rain and shit (not literally) at us on Saturday. But we still kept on schedule and headed out to Coney Island then to an amazing pizzeria in Brooklyn (i miss u greasy pizza), Grand Central Station and then to Times Square for some night shots. And on the last day we spent the morning at the Hell’s Kitchen flea market (hello new to me coach bag and letterpress letters) and then headed back to good old Canada for some much needed laziness and sleeping.

Needless to say, long flared jeans were NOT the best choice for rain and a sandy beach at Coney Island. And I did maybe almost break my neck trying to dry my pant legs with a hand dryer in Starbucks later that day. What can ya do, at least I looked cute sloshing around taking photos.


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