I hadn’t been to the church sale in several weeks and I got my fill this week to make up for that. I bought so many things that I couldn’t fit them all in one photograph. No joke – see proof above.

A few of these (but probably not enough) are going into the shop. A few, like that huge camera bag, are staying put in my apartment. I keep buying second-hand camera bags (I’m up to 3 now…) but this one takes the cake. I have room for my camera, a few lenses and a flash or 2 along with all the extra batteries and small items. It will be perfect to lug around my equipment. And it was probably 2$. Take that 100$ camera bags! Good things come to those who sift through mountains of dusty mothball smelling crap.

5 thoughts on “CHEAP THRILLS

    • It’s true… sometimes those old ladies are cranky but I find they mostly are just lonely and will chat your ear off if you let them. Then give u a kickass deal

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